Reporters attacked at Sakhnin football match

Supporters of Arab soccer team attack Jewish guests with rocks, sticks, tear shirt of one of them.

Neri Weiss ,

Bnei Sakhnin supporters
Bnei Sakhnin supporters
Flash 90

At the end of Tuesday evening's soccer playoffs between the Israeli-Arab Bnei Sakhnin Football Club and Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club, Bnei Sakhnin supporters attacked reporters covering the game.

In Israel, like in Britain, the word "football" means "soccer."

When Maccabi Tel Aviv won the game 3:1, dozens of Bnei Sakhnin supporters descended on Maccabi Tel Aviv supporters in what turned into huge fight.

One policeman was injured from stones thrown by Bnei Sakhnin supporters, and several of the Arabs were arrested and taken to the local police station.

The issues began before the game started, when a supportes of the Arab team jumped on four Maccabi Tel Aviv supporters and tore the shirt off one of them. Security forces who were at the scene did not manage to catch the offending Arab.

Later, the local Arabs sang Holocaust songs, wished there be "a Holocaust for Maccabi," and chanting other anti-Semitic phrases.

More fighting occurred immediately following the whistle signaling the end of the game, after supporters of the local Arab team began throwing sticks and stones at their guests.

Policeman who were at the scene attempted to separate the sides, but were injured.

In addition, the car of one of the reporters was damaged by stones thrown by Bnei Sakhnin supporters as he left the stadium.

When Maccabi Tel Aviv's charter bus arrived, anyone still at the scene was stoned as Arabs threw rocks at the road leading from the stadium and out of the city.

Many journalists and media representatives said the stones were thrown by many Arab youths, who stood near the Jews and blocked their exit in order to continue throwing sticks and rocks at them.

They also said several vehicles were damaged, and only by miracle did nothing more serious happen. Many of the Jewish drivers were forced to drive dangerously fast in order to escape and avoid being seriously injured.