Amona residents: The promises are disappearing into oblivion

Amona residents call on Jewish Home ministers to exert pressure on PM to enable a start building the community he promised them.

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Residence of Amona evictees
Residence of Amona evictees
Amona Staff

This Monday, a crucial meeting is to take place in the Prime Minister’s Office concerning the establishment of the new temporary community for the 42 Israeli families evicted from Amona.

The meeting will focus on the question of whether the IDF general who heads the Civil Administration in charge of Judea and Samaria gives the order to establish a temporary residential site on the lands allocated for the community or not. Since Israel has never established formal sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, decisions on land issues are in the hands of the IDF Civil Administration, which is generally considered to be staffed by left-oriented officials.

The question of the immediate establishment of the substitute site, as was done during the eviction of Migron and other past cases, largely rests on the question of whether a new community will actually be established for former Amona residents, or whether the subject will simply dissolve into the abyss of Israeli bureaucracy.

The Amona Committee asserts that “despite the fact that we have been rotting in youth hostels for three months, officials with a leftist agenda are doing all they can to delay the unanimous government decision to establish a new community in Judea and Samaria.”

During the first meeting on the problem before Passover at the Justice Ministry, the government's legal counsel for the Civil Administration had recommended not issuing a general’s order to enable the establishment of a temporary residence with a reduced waiting time (four months of work), because “there is no urgency for this, as the evacuation of Amona has already been executed.” Amona residents said in response, “This position is simply maltreatment. The expulsion that we experienced is not enough - now, in the middle of our lives, the whole fabric of life and social relations of men, women, and children is to be destroyed in one fell swoop, and we will all go through one trauma after another.”

“This position is not naive,” they continued. “Everyone knows that the longer it is dragged out, the more it becomes doubtful whether a community will actually be established. Every delay will bring another. This position comes to confound the decision and prevent the establishment of the community.”

Today, the residents turned to ministers in the Jewish Home party, calling on them to “demand from the Prime Minister today in the cabinet meeting, before the decision tomorrow, that he exert all the pressure he can to establish a temporary residence for the people of Amona on the land of the new community. Demand that he instruct all relevant authorities, the Attorney General, the Defense Minister and the Coordinator of Government Activities in Judea and Samaria to issue a general’s order and immediately begin building at the site. Only this will enable the fulfillment of your decision and the establishment of the community.”

“Ask the Prime Minister to make sure that a general’s order is issued to enable the immediate establishment of a residential site, so that by the summer we can move into caravillas (this is all that we asked for) on the land of the new community. So that, after the insane year that we and our children went through, we can achieve some peace and start the coming school year in a normal way. Take us, too, out of the difficult period we are now living through to some minimal freedom,” the residents added in their plea. “Don’t let extremist officials confound that most important government decision - the likes of which have not been seen for 20 years - to establish a new community in Judea and Samaria.”

“20 years ago, under Netanyahu’s first government, we set out on our mission into the fields of settlement. Today, after 20 years of sacrifice and pioneering spirit, we find ourselves at our wit’s end. You have the ability to change this. This is your mission,” the residents concluded.