A match made in heaven

Two IAF pilots married on Friday.

Tal Polon,

IAF F-16
IAF F-16
Flash 90

In Y’s family, serving in the Israeli Air Force is a way of life.

Her grandfather, Shimon Ash, was a celebrated Israeli pilot. During the Yom Kippur War, he ejected from his jet over Sinai after being attacked. Although remains of his jet were found later that month, Ash’s body was never identified, and he is still considered by the IDF a "fallen soldier whose burial place is unknown."

Ash’s wife was also in the air force, where she worked as a flight simulation instructor, and it was there that they met. They had 4 children, all of whom served, in turn, in the air force.

Y herself enrolled in the prestigious pilot’s training course, during which her roommate was Tamar Ariel, the IAF’s first religious female flight navigator. Ariel was later tragically killed in an avalanche while hiking in Nepal.

After successfully passing the course, Y participated in many missions, including several within the context of Operation Protective Edge.

Last Friday, Ynet reported, Y married B, an F-16 flight navigator and deputy commander of a flight squadron, after the two met on an air force base in central Israel.

It’s fair to say that the two are probably flying high.