Watch: When a settler performed at an Arab wedding

How did a religious Jewish man from Judea end up performing for an Arab wedding feast?

Rafael Levy ,

Yoni Sharon
Yoni Sharon
Peter Witt

A viral video showing an Orthodox Jewish man performing for an Arab wedding has lit up the internet, leaving thousands wondering who the man is and what the story is behind the unusual performance.

The man featured in the video, Yoni Sharon, is a resident of Kfar Eldad, a Jewish town in Gush Etzion in Judea. How did he end up giving a show in an Arab village during a wedding celebration?

Sharon told Arutz Sheva the story began when he was driving home one evening from a show, and heard music from the Arab village of Al-Fureidis, near Herodion National Park. On a lark, Sharon decided to follow his ears, and drive into Al-Fureidis to look for the source of the music, and ultimately joined in the wedding celebration.

Sharon noted that he already knew a number of Al-Fureidis residents who work in Kfar Eldad, and is conversant in Arabic.

In explaining his close ties with the village of Al-Fureidis, Sharon said that the Israeli left doesn’t have a monopoly on peace, adding that he had found his own way to develop neighborly relations with nearby Arabs. Sharon claimed that even many Arabs have a disdain for the Israeli peace camp, and believe that if peace will come one day, it will not be achieved by the patrons of cafes in north Tel Aviv.