Policeman filmed striking Arab fired

Police announce that officer suspended for attacking Arab truck driver without provocation has been fired from the force.


Police Chief Ron Alsheich
Police Chief Ron Alsheich
Flash 90

An Israeli policeman caught on video striking an Arab truck driver in eastern Jerusalem last month has been fired from the force, police said on Thursday.

The video, widely circulated on social media, shows the uniformed officer curse the driver, then headbutt him in the face and kick him in the legs.

Other Arabs are seen trying to reason with the policeman only for him to turn on them also.

Thursday's police statement said the officer was notified of the decision on Wednesday and his dismissal would take effect within 14 days.

"It was an exceptional and violent incident which goes against all the values of the Israel Police," it said.

"A policeman who behaves in such a manner has no place in the Israel Police."

An Arab witness filmed the incident, which took place in a car park near the interior ministry in the Wadi Joz area of Jerusalem, and handed a copy to an Israeli journalist.

The witness said the policeman had accused the driver of having damaged his car with the truck.

Shortly after the incident the police condemned the attack and suspended the officer.