PM Netanyahu jokes about his hair

PM addresses his sudden appearance with darker hair.

Gary Willig,

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu joked about his changing hair color in a Pesach greeting to Israel's citizens Sunday.

Israelis were puzzled when the Prime Minister entered the weekly Cabinet meeting last Sunday with much darker hair than he has had in recent years. The Israellycool blog described Netanyahu's speech to the Cabinet as 'Binyamin Netanyahu Says Stuff While We Stare At His Hair.'

"People tell me that the brown [hair] is a new light," Netanyahu said while looking out over the mountains of the Galilee with his wife Sarah.

"But I promise - give it a few weeks and the old grey will grow back."

He wished Israelis a "chag sameach" and said "What a magnificent land we have."