Religious soldier attacked by haredi deserters

Haredim curse, chase, and throw objects at kippah-wearing IDF soldier.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Haredi protest
Haredi protest
Israel Police spokesman

A religious soldier was caught on Tuesday night in the middle of a parade supporting haredi army deserters in Jerusalem.

Hundreds of haredim surrounded the soldier, cursed him, and threw objects at him.

The soldier ran and managed to escape the area without injury.

Last week, haredi soldiers were extricated from Meah Shearim in two separate incidents.

In one of the incidents, a haredi soldier walked down Meah Shearim Street, and people who saw him from their porches cursed him and threw eggs and other objects at him. One suspect was apprehended and police opened an investigation of the incident.

In the second incident last week, a squad car was called to Meah Shearim after reports of a soldier in uniform was surrounded after trying to enter a bookstore in the neighborhood.

The haredi locals surrounded the soldier and condemned him for joining the IDF.

Israel Police officers arrived on the scene and extricated the soldier.

On Thursday, Israel Police arrested eight haredi youths for attacking a soldier passing through their neighborhood.

The youths were taken for questioning.

To better understand the attacks on soldiers, one policeman disguised himself as a soldier and walked through Meah Shearim in the afternoon. After a while, police officers who were stationed nearby noticed several suspects began attacking the disguised officer, spitting at him and throwing objects at him.

The officers arrested the suspects immediately.