Jerusalem hangs record number of Israeli flags

Celebrating 50 years of a united Jerusalem, municipality hang over 10,000 flags in preparation for Jerusalem Day.

Orly Harari ,

Flags in Jerusalem
Flags in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Municipality

The Jerusalem Municipality will hang over 10,000 flags in the city in preparation for Jerusalem Day celebrations.

This number is three times the amount of flags hung in previous years, the municipality reported.

"It may even be a Guinness record," the spokesman said.

The flags will include Israeli flags, Jerusalem municipal flags, and "50" flags. They will be hung on every street in the city, to add to the holiday atmosphere and reinforce the connection of both residents and tourists to Israel's capital.

In addition to the other flags, huge flags will be hung at the entrances to Jerusalem, on the bridges, on the Old City's walls, at Safra Square, near government offices, and behind the city's major national and tourist sites.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said, "Jerusalem is the heart of the State of Israel and the Jewish nation. This year, the fiftieth since it was reunited, the city will be filled with national flags. These flags will strengthen the connection of everyone who sees them to Jerusalem, and will strengthen our obligation to ensure Jerusalem's and Israel's future.

"I wish everyone a happy Jerusalem Day."

This year, Jerusalem Day begins the evening of May 23 and continues to May 24.