Stockholm: The seder night will be held as usual

Chabad emissary to Stockholm says despite terror attack activities will continue as usual; Stockholm Jewish community becomes more united.

Haim Lev ,

Scene of the Stockholm terror attac
Scene of the Stockholm terror attac

After the recent terror attack in Stockholm, local Chabad emissary Rabbi Chaim Greisman expressed hope the attack would not stop Stockholm's Jews from celebrating Pesach (Passover) with the usual joy.

"The attack on Friday caused a lot of panic and confusion in a city which is not used to attacks like this," Rabbi Greisman told Hamevaser newspaper. "The attack occurred on the same street on which just a few hours earlier, we had stood distributing matzot for Pesach.

"Thank G-d, no Jews were injured. We wish the victims a speedy recovery, and send our condolences to the families of those killed.

"This Shabbat, everyone prayed together in the synagogue. We gave each other strength and stood in unity. Our community became stronger.

"We are just a few days before Pesach, and we are working nonstop to provide every Jew in Stockholm with matzot and other holiday necessities. We will continue to work as usual, and we will hold all our usual events on the same large scale.

"During the first few hours after the attack, before the terrorist was caught, the Jewish community was on high alert. Two years ago there was an attack in Copenhagen, in which a terrorist murdered a Jew immediately after he carried out a terror attack somewhere else.

"After the terrorist was caught, we relaxed.

"We hope and pray that we will merit to celebrate this holiday of freedom with joy and happiness. We hope Moshiach (Messiah) will come to relieve our worries," Rabbi Greisman concluded.

Four people were killed on Friday and 15 injured when a truck ploughed into crowds in a shopping area in central Stockholm, Sweden. The terrorist was later found to be an ISIS supporter.