Watch: IDF operation in terrorist's village

IDF forces prepare for demolition of terrorist's home after attack, confiscate stolen vehicles found in village.

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IDF forces in Silwad
IDF forces in Silwad
IDF Spokesperson

Israeli security forces operated early Friday morning in the village of Silwad in Samaria, home of the terrorist responsible for Thursday's deadly terror ramming attack which took the life of 20-year-old Golani fighter Elhai Taharlev near the town of Ofra.

During the pre-dawn raid, IDF forces took the terrorist's brother into custody, confiscated Israeli work permits held by relatives of the terrorist, and recovered six stolen vehicles found in the village.

In addition, 40,000 shekels ($10,950) in terror funds were found and confiscated.

Silwad is an upscale village with large, spacious homes and a well-to-do population, which gives the lie to the common misconception that despair and poverty give rise to terror, while economic success wouild put an end to it.

An IDF engineering unit mapped out the terrorist's home in preparation for its demolition.