The week that was and reader's comments

'All religious/traditional Jews must add their voices to demand change from how a truly Jewish Military Force should act.'

Mordechai Sones,

Mordechai Sones
Mordechai Sones

Last week a murderer was freed,

This week a brother was murdered.

Jewish villages were shot at,

And the shooters were caught.

We were defended in the UN for a change,

And the Germans and Jamaicans there ate matzah and haroseth.

The IDF koshered its kitchens,

While "certain elements" treifed the IDF.

Roads were shut down by those opposing the draft,

While those who were drafted yet oppose the treifing of the army were themselves shut down by the IDF as they protested on the roads.

Now the struggle will be brought to the airport in multilingual ignominy. About this, reader Ralph Suiskind wrote, "Even though I do certainly disagree with this fringe element, their cause is a noble one. In light of current lack of modesty being enforced by the upper echelons of the IDF in order to force a change, sitting in one's beis midrash saying tehillim may not be enough. All religious/traditional Jews including their respective leaders need to add their voices to demand change from Knesset Members.... in how a truly Jewish Military Force should act."

Moshe Ya'alon this week complained that the Likud has become too right-wing. In what was supposed to be fancy political strategy to flatter the public, he charged that religious Zionist voters are level-headed, while their Knesset representation has gone cuckoo. But a tactic perceived is no tactic. Reader Gregory Ticker handily puts the record straight: "What is the man bubbling about. To call Likud a nationalist movement is the funniest joke. Likud is less nationalist than Ben Gurion and his MAPAI comrades were, and couldn't ever be compared with the Revisionists and their leader Jabotinsky, whose name Likud headquarters is sporting.

"Likud inherently is the party of the opportunists formed by Sharon and his faction, when he lost the bid for the leadership of Labor. Cobbling together Herut, Liberalim, General Socialists, and his cronies he had created Likud, which rapidly deteriorated into the opportunistic power and influence-hungry gang it is today after the resignation of Begin."