Terrorists who shot at village of Shaked captured

Near continuous shooting on Shaked in Samaria reported every night. This morning residents informed of terrorist cell's capture.

Mordechai Sones ,

Terrorist shooting gun
Terrorist shooting gun

The terrorist squad that has carried out night fire in the past two weeks was captured near the village of Shaked in Samaria, ending an IDF operation dedicated to the purpose.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Eliran Iluz, who yesterday brought to listener's attention the story of the ongoing nighttime fire on his village, brought news of the terrorist cell's capture.

"We awoke in the morning to the good news that the team was caught," says Iluz, noting that three terrorists with guns and an M-16 rifle were captured by the security forces.

"This is a good opportunity to thank the security forces and MK Moti Yogev who helped," says Iluz. "From the moment MK Yogev understood that the army did not provide the correct response, he sat day after day to make sure that the forces were in the area and working, he was updating us and giving us a calming feeling that someone was onto it. His 'going down to the people' was very helpful.

"Everything is a matter of will," Iluz sums up the activities of Knesset Member Yogev, as well as the activities of the security forces to capture the cell. "We are not looking to barricade ourselves behind walls, but rather a root-canal treatment is needed."

In a conversation yesterday, Iluz said that the shooting passed an aerial route over the wall that separates his village from the nearby Arab ones. The shooting began shortly after the middle of the previous month. It began to be slow down but since then the barrages have continued almost every night.

In the first incident that involved concentrated and distant shooting, members of the local security forces were alerted and called to the outskirts of the village to examine the incident, but when it became clear that there was no damage, the soldiers returned to their routine. Towards the end of the previous month, the gunfire came in bursts towards the houses. Even then, Iluz says, security forces did not arrive at the village.

"Two days later we saw bullets in the houses," Iluz said. The shooting hit only buildings in what could certainly be described as a miracle. In one case it was an uninhabited house, in another case the shooting hit a populated house but only an external wall. In an automatic burst fired at village houses last Thursday, the homes on the right and the left of his own home were clearly damaged.

"From nine-ten at night houses are closed and sometimes the lights are turned off, and a family that was supposed to arrive at one of the houses does not arrive. Children are afraid to walk in the evening."

With the capture of the terrorists squad firing into the village, they hope for a quiet period and real security in the community and its environs.