Hamas gives 'collaborators' one last chance

Hamas gives collaborators opportunity to turn themselves in and confess in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Dalit Halevi ,

Hamas rally in Gaza
Hamas rally in Gaza
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Hamas is giving “collaborators” with Israel one final chance to turn themselves in, a senior official with the terrorist group said on Tuesday.

The official, who was quoted by the Al-Majd website which is affiliated with Hamas security forces, said that the "repentance gate" has been opened to "collaborators with the occupation," stressing that the opportunity to "rid themselves of the defilement of treachery" will not be repeated.

He added that the offices of the security forces and the police in Gaza would be open around the clock to allow the collaborators to confess and that that collaborators that confess during this time period would receive a lighter sentence.

The comments come amid reports that Hamas has arrested dozens of Gazans on charges of collaborating with Israel following the killing of senior Hamas terrorist Mazen Faqha.

Hamas blames Israel for killing Faqha, while claiming the killers received help from inside Gaza.

In the past, Hamas has executed alleged “collaborators” with Israel, ignoring a moratorium on death sentences that was imposed by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas.