Gedolim Declare Poverty Level State of Emergency

Kupat Ha'ir declares state of emergency, grocery store chain to match donations.

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kupat haair

There are currently thousands of Israeli families in the Haredi community alone living in tragic levels of poverty. Through a rigorous application process, thousands of widows, orphans & talmidei chachamim are hand-selected each year as especially needy. The dayanim of Kupat Ha'Ir review each case with the help of Rav Chaim Kanievsky himself to determine its urgency.

There is perhaps no time of year when this process is more relevant than the days approaching Pesach. Known to be an expensive holiday, many families are left exasperated and hungry each year. Those who care to help such families through this difficult & often humiliating time must find a worthy Kimcha D'Pischa campaign.

Many in search of the most trustworthy campaign this year have selected that of Kupat Ha'Ir. Known as the 'tzedaka of the gedolei hador,' the organization's reputation is incomparable. In a remarkable move of generosity, grocery chain Osher Ad has agreed to match every donation, doubling each contribution's efficiency. Gedolei HaDor Rav Chaim Kanievsky & Rav Edelstein will also receive prayer lists with each donors' name detailed.

This year, children across Eretz Yisroel will wear shabby clothes & suffer from hunger pangs during Pesach. Those who wish to help them, and to do so in the most efficient & powerful way possible, need look no further than Kupat Ha'Ir.



While those who are fortunate enough to live comfortably dine at their seder tables this year, those who were not so fortunate will feel the painful lack of poverty. However each time the former lends a helping hand to the latter, that invisible 'line' fades further, strengthening one klal yisroel, united in their connection to yitzias mitzrayim.