Despite spring, Israel expects rainfall

Sunday rainy, Monday may be as well after light snow falls in Hermon.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rain, Jerusalem
Rain, Jerusalem
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Local rain is expected to fall on Sunday, from the north of Israel until the northern Negev. Isolated thunderstorms may occur, and there is a chance of flooding in the Jordan Valley, Judean Desert, and Dead Sea area.

Temperatures on Sunday will continue to drop, staying slightly lower than the seasonal average. Rains will let up slightly towards afternoon.

Sunday night will be partly cloudy and light rains may fall.

Monday will be party cloudy or clear, and temperatures will rise. Rain may fall during the morning hours.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy or clear. Temperatures are expected to rise significantly and humidity will drop, making the day hotter than usual for the season.

On Tuesday evening, strong eastern winds will blow in the north and mountains. These desert-sourced winds are the bane of the Israeli household, as they invariably occur right before Passover, covering just-cleaned cars, windows and bookshelves with yellow dust.

Wednesday will be hotter than usual for the season, with a chance of "heat wave" weather in most regions. However, Wednesday afternoon will see colder weather and higher humidity in the lowlands, coast, and northern Negev.

On Saturday, local rains fell in various areas of Israel. A light snow fell in the Hermon, but did not stick to the ground.