'Police should admit that Lod attack was terror'

Reports from Jewish neighborhood in Lod are saying the stabbing earlier this week was terror, but Police won't classify it as such - as yet.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of Lod stabbing
Scene of Lod stabbing
MDA Spokesperson

Security forces are investigating the attack this week in the city of Lod in central Israel, during which Revital Kenino was stabbed by an Arab terrorist.

Despite locals in Lod reporting the nationalistic nature of the attack, police have been presenting the attack as criminal in intent.

Last night, Amichai Langfeld, a Lod city councilman, sent to Jewish residents of the city an announcement in which he declared the stabbing to be a terror attack. “It’s a great miracle for all residents of the neighborhood, and a great miracle for Revital and the dear Kenino family.”

“It appears that we’re talking about a terrorist who waited with the goal of murdering someone young in a surprise attack or stab in the back and thanks to Revital, who surprised him and confounded his plans, the incident did not end, thank G-d, as planned.”

Langfeld noted that security officials are still refusing to say that the attack was a terror attack. “Unfortunately, police and security officials are not ready in the meantime to say it outright, even after the family and other officials honored their request to wait until the stabber was caught. We will act in every possible way so that police admit the truth about this occurrence as soon as possible.”