UK Colonel: 'The Palestinians want to destroy Israel'

Retired British Army Colonel Richard Kemp: 'PA leadership talks about peace at the UN, but it educates its children to hate Israel.'

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Colonel Richard Kemp
Colonel Richard Kemp
Channel 20

Colonel Richard Camp, who commanded the British forces in Afghanistan from 2003 until 2006, spoke with Channel 20 about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

"Israel, for many years now, has been subject to the greatest slur campaign in the history of the human race," Col. Kemp said.

"Many countries are saying, that if Israel, for example, ceased to 'occupy,' so-called, the 'West Bank', or ceased to have 'settlements' there then that will bring peace, it won't bring peace. All that the Palestinians want is the annihilation of Israel. The Palestinian leadership does not want a two state solution."