'I did not give up - the stabber hesitated'

Revital Kenino, school principal stabbed yesterday by Arab, recovering from injury to nape of neck, tells how she coped with attack.

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Stabbing scene in Lod
Stabbing scene in Lod
MDA Spokeswoman

In a conversation with Arutz Sheva, Revital Kenino, the school principal who was stabbed yesterday in the back of her neck by an Arab in the city of Lod, describes her condition and the incident itself.

"I thank the Creator that I returned home to my family and to my children, and we were released last night after a follow-up at the hospital," she said.

On her medical condition, she says: "I have a stab wound in the back and shoulder area, and thank G-d it was a great miracle."

She described the attacker, saying, "I did not give up, I did not fight with him - I just ran and he chased me; I didn't stand there and do nothing. This chase apparently caused him to hesitate and not continue to stab. We are at home thanking the Creator and the people of Israel for worrying and caring," she said.

Kanino was evacuated to Assaf Harofeh Hospital, suffering from stab wounds to the upper body.

MDA emergency medic Mendy Amitai said, "When we arrived on the scene, we saw a 44-year-old woman in an apartment fully conscious, who had been stabbed in the upper part of her body. They told us that she was stabbed in the street and went up to her apartment.

"We gave her initial medical care, which included dressing and stopping the bleeding, and we evacuated her in a moderate and stable condition to the hospital," Amitai added.