Defense establishment ramps up protection of gas installations

Defense establishment concerned that the gas installations will represent a strategic target for enemies in the event of conflict.

Yoel Domb,

Iron Dome system
Iron Dome system
Flash 90

The defense establishment has decided to increase the number of Iron Dome facilities which will be installed on Saar 6 battleships, due to concerns that the gas installations being protected by the ships will represent a strategic target for enemies, according to a report by Defense News.

The report states that there is a real concern that Hezbollah or Hamas will try to target the gas installations in order to initiate a confrontation with Israel and fire missiles and rockets into Israeli population centers.

The site also quoted a senior officer who said that Hezbollah is stockpiling numerous Grad rockets in order to shoot them deep into Israel, and therefore the defense and interception mechanisms must be upgraded to meet the new threats.