Brooklyn: stronger security measures during Pesach

Community leaders meet with police representatives to coordinate security procedures for upcoming Pesach holiday.

Yoel Domb ,

Flash 90

Community activists and heads of the Hashomrim neighborhood watch group in New York met over the last few days with NYPD officers to coordinate the security procedures for Jewish centers and in particular for synagogues during the upcoming Passover (Pesach) holiday.

During the meeting concerns were raised over the growth in anti-Semitic incidents in recent months in the US.

At the meeting the heads of the haredi organizations described the conduct of the haredi community on the eve of Pesach and explained that they gather in educational centers and in synagogues.

Among other events they described the burning of Hametz (leavened food), the stores which close at night, the transfer of Matzah to different states and the freedom of movement in the crowded haredi areas. They also raised the issues of security and protection of the community during prayer times.

"One of the difficult issues facing Jewish communities worldwide is the security arrangements around community and educational centers," said the communal leaders.