Surge in illegal weapons prices in Judea and Samaria

IDF consistent activity locating and confiscating homemade weapons reduces Judea and Samaria illegal weapons supply.

Mordechai Sones ,

Seized M16 rifle
Seized M16 rifle
IDF Spokesman

IDF forces in Judea and Samaria constantly work to locate and confiscate illegal weapons, in order to thwart and disrupt terrorist infrastructures.

Last Tuesday, forces from the Shahar Brigade working in the Menashe Regional Brigade's area, together with the Judea Samaria District Police, searched a vehicle at checkpoint 105 near Tulkarm.

During the search, M16 rifles were seized and two suspects from Shechem were arrested on suspicion of holding them. This activity joins a number of weapons seizures and terror activist arrests in the past month in the Menashe area.

Last Wednesday, a wide-scale operation was carried out for the seizure and sealing of a weapons workshop not far from the Jewish town of Tapuah in Samaria, including a lathe used to manufacture weapons.

"We operate with no qualms against homemade weapons production in the region," says a senior commander in the Judea Brigade. "We understand that every seizure of a workshop reduces the ability to purchase weapons that may help to carry out an attack, whether here in the operational zone or back in the home front. We will continue to act by night and by day in order to ensure the area resident's security."

Also tonight, forces from the Ram Battalion of the Rescue Division operating in the eastern sector of Gush Etzion searched the village of Beit Sahour, in which two hunting rifles, knives, and military equipment were found. The findings were transferred for further treatment by the security forces.

A source in the Etzion Brigade added, "We work against weapons production every day. We act against all the infrastructures and will go after every threat."

Military sources explain that the struggle against weapons production is also intended to drive up the market price of weapons as a result of the reduction in supply, due to the reduced production ability and seizure of existing weapons.

According to these sources, the seizure of weapons and the closure of the workshops does indeed create a significant increase in prices, rendering weapons very difficult to obtain.

The Judea and Samaria Division succeeded in causing a 300% rise in the price of improvised weapons and self-produced weapons. Those which in the past cost NIS 1,500, now cost over NIS 6,000. In the year 2016, 43 weapons workshops were seized in Judea and Samaria, and about 450 weapons. Since the beginning of 2017, 9 workshops and 110 weapons have been seized in the area.