Israeli Arab arrested for transferring funds to ISIS

Civilian passes money to ISIS terrorist after brother dies fighting for ISIS in Syria.

Kobi Finkler ,

ISIS terrorists
ISIS terrorists

Twenty-five-year old Arab resident of Nazareth Fadil Tzaber Kanenah was arrested by Israel Police and the Shabak at the beginning of March after they discovered he had been in contact with ISIS activists.

The suspect's brother left Israel for Syria in 2014, joined ISIS, and was killed while fighting.

Kanenah supported the idea behind ISIS, and was in contact with his brother and another Arab-Israel citizen who joined ISIS, Mahmad Kilaani.

Kilaani is currently in either Syria or Iraq.

During the course of 2016, Kilaani told Kanenah about Mahmad's death and about his own battle injuries.

In March 2017, Kilaani asked Kanenah to transfer money from Israel to Iraq, where he was located. The money was transferred via a Jenin money changer.

Kanenah acceded to Kilaani's request, despite the fact that ISIS is a terror organizations and Kilaani is an ISIS member.

"The Shabak sees civilians with terrorist connections as extremely dangerous and as a severe security threat to the State of Israel and its citizens. Giving money to terror activists abroad helps them carry out terror attacks. Shabak will continue to use every means possible to stop these activities and foil such plans before they come to fruition. We will do everything possible to ensure those involved stand trial in court."

An indictment has been filed against Kanenah with the Nazareth District Court.