1 year after tragic accident, widower looks for a new start

On their way to celebrate their 2nd anniversary, a tragic bus accident killed a woman and injured husband. Now he's hoping for a new life.

Kupat Ha'Ir , | updated: 1:24 PM

Mordechai Frankel, widower from 402 crash
Mordechai Frankel, widower from 402 crash
Kupat Ha'Ir

Last February a horrific bus crash in Israel made international headlines. A 402 line Egged bus collided with a truck, ripping the vehicle in two.

The tragic accident left six dead and roughly a dozen more injured.

One of these deceased was Chana Pesha Frankel, daughter of the Biala Ostrosvtza Rebbe.

Ms. Frankel had been on the bus with her husband Mordechai, on the way to Bnei Brak for their second anniversary.

Televisions across Israel broadcasted the wheelchair-bound Mordechai, released from the hospital to attend his wife's funeral. It was a devastating sight.

One year, and a good deal of healing later, Mordechai is engaged.

Due to his current financial situation, however, he is having difficulty covering his basic needs. On Sunday, Mordechai turned to the public for help in rebuilding his life:


My name is Mordechai Frankel.

Everything changed last February. My wife and I were on our way to Bnei Brak for our second anniversary. Suddenly, a deafening crash rang out, as a truck ripped our bus in two... My wife did not survive.

A year has passed for me to regain my physical and emotional strength. Baruch Hashem, I found a wonderful kallah, and I am ready to be remarried. I dream of turning the page, and starting a new life.

However I am humbled to say that my kallah and I are very poor. We are lacking the funds needed to afford the basics. My wedding is in just a few days, and we are frightened for the future. I come to you in a time of desperate need.

Please, if you can help us, we would be deeply grateful. This is our chance to heal from the pain of the past, and start this new chapter with hope. But we urgently need your help.

Thank you


Those familiar with the story have been moved to see both the simcha of this widower moving forward, and the pity of knowing that in addition to his previous suffering, he and his kallah must now endure poverty. The couple are to be married in just a few days, and are reportedly in dire need of assistance. Mordechai & his kallah hope donors will see their humanity, and help them to start a new life.