Watch: Pro-Israel activists confront anti-Israel demonstrators

As protesters demonstrate against annual AIPAC conference, pro-Israel activists call out anti-Israel hypocrisy, hold counter-protest.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Pro-Israel activists confront anti-Israel demonstrators outside AIPAC conference
Pro-Israel activists confront anti-Israel demonstrators outside AIPAC conference
Arutz Sheva

Pro-Israel activists faced off against demonstrators protesting the annual AIPAC conference in Washington DC on Sunday.

Anti-Israel radicals formed a human chain, blocking the entrance to the conference, while others gathered nearby, chanting anti-Zionist slogans and holding placards condemning Israel, Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and AIPAC itself.

Supporters of the Jewish state also rallied outside of the conference, holding counter-protests against the pro-BDS demonstrators and expressing their support for Israel.

One Israel backer said he travels every year from Tennessee to the AIPAC conference to make a public show of support.

"I like to show support for the Israeli people and a connection that the United States has as an ally and a friend,” he told Arutz Sheva. “Israel is a very close ally of the United States and I come up every year to show my support and to protest the protesters."

"I came up when the Prime Minister came to meet with President Obama. And I think that the reception that he [Obama] gave [to Netanyahu] was rude and he [Obama] mistreated the Prime Minister.

"I think he was disrespected by the Obama administration. President Obama was not a friend to Israel, or to the Prime Minister, or to the Israeli people.

"I think Donald Trump is on the right track. He still has some growing to do. He needs to line up with some people that... will give him some good counsel."

Several pro-Israel activists confronted demonstrators over their lop-sided criticism of Israel, charging that their stated support for human rights was in fact a shame, masking anti-Semitic bigotry.

"I think this is the Trojan Horse of human rights,” said one activist. “These people stand here andhsay that they are supporting human rights and equal liberties across all races and people and they do not. They stand and they watch as Israeli babies are slaughtered - stabbed and killed with knives. We saw the attack on London just a few days ago. This was inspired by Palestinian terrorism. These car rammings have been happening for years in Israel."

"I don't see dignity here. This is not equal, this is anti-Semitism, through and through."