Massive 'Land Day' event to be held in Kafr Malik

Arab town near Ramallah to host main Land Day event, Arab organizations work to include mass prayers against Israeli 'occupation.'

Dalit Halevi ,

Land Day protest in Dir Hana, in northern Israel
Land Day protest in Dir Hana, in northern Israel
Basal Awidat, Flash 90

Islamic and Palestinian Authority groups near Ramallah announced on Saturday that their "Land Day" ceremonies on March 31 would be held near the Ramallah-area Arab towns of Kafr Malik and al-Mar'yaer.

The locations were chosen to express opposition to Israeli towns in the areas of Kafr Malik, al-Mar'yaer, and Khirbet Abu Falah.

The ceremonies will include mass prayer for lands "threatened" by Israel in opposition to the Arabs' plans for the area.

Islamic terror groups and the PA said in a statement, "The crimes of the Israeli occupation will not deter our nation from its plan to fight to eliminate the problem, while protecting its holy places and rights to use force. We will not relent until we achieve victory."