Texas Commissioner visits Ariel University

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller visits Samaria's Ariel University, says there is 'much to be learned from Israel.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller at Ariel University
Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller at Ariel University
Ariel University

Ariel University in Israel welcomed Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller and his delegation on Thursday March 23rd, 2017.

Commissioner Miller, and his delegation, met with Chancellor Yigal Cohen Orgad and leading agricultural researchers from Ariel University and the Samaria and Jordan Rift R&D Center.

During the meeting, Dr. Yaakov Anker shared breakthrough agro-techniques for enhancing wine quality and how to treat and recycle sewage water for irrigation of vineyards and other agricultural uses.

Commissioner Miller also met with Dr. Yishai Netzer and further discussed the irrigation of vineyards in semi-arid regions and the advanced technologies for the wine industry, such as fermentation robotics and innovative wine aging systems, Identifying, reproducing and cultivating the lost grapes that were used in the production of the ancient wines of the Bible.

"We want to build a lasting relationship and partnership between Israel and the state of Texas. There is much to be learned from Israel's experience," stated Commissioner Sid Miller.

Chancellor Orgad said, "Ariel University is happy to extend our hand to Commissioner Miller, the people of the great State of Texas and to the American people for collaboration and the sharing of knowledge in order to further research and partnership between our two great nations."

Last week, a special cooperation agreement was signed between the State of Texas and the Samaria Regional Council.