Young driver shocks police officers

Israel Police officers in shock after discovering car driver is only 14 years old.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

14-year-old behind the wheel
14-year-old behind the wheel

Israel Police on Friday afternoon noticed a 14-year-old girl driving a car.

The police were in the middle of a routine tour when they noticed a car driving erratically, and ordered it to pull over. Upon finding out that the driver was fourteen, the police ordered her to turn off the car and hand over the keys.

The young driver was sitting beside her mother, who was in the passenger seat.

Both the girl and her mother are residents of the Bedouin town of Umm Batin, and have been ordered to appear in court.

The father, who is the owner of the car, was called for a police interrogation.

Israel Police said, "This is a severe crime which endangers the public - both pedestrians and other drivers. Israel Police will continue both obvious and undercover operations against life-threatening traffic crimes. We will continue to ensure the public's safety.