Montreal man arrested over ties to ISIS

Canadian-Algerian resident of Montreal arrested in Turkey on suspicion of being a member of ISIS.

Dalit Halevi ,


A resident of Montreal, with dual Canadian and Algerian citizenship, was recently arrested in Turkey on suspicion being a member of the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group.

The arrest took place on March 10.

According to Canadian intelligence, more than 180 Canadians have joined the ranks of jihadist organizations abroad, and about 100 have travelled to Syria and Iraq.

Since 2012, at least 16 Canadians who converted to Islam have been involved in terrorism. Two of them have carried out terrorist attacks in Quebec and Ottawa, one in Iraq and two others planned attacks.

Last year, Canada arrested 60 people who returned to the country after having joined foreign terrorist groups such as ISIS.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's liberal government cancelled a law passed by the previous Conservative government which stipulated that Canadian citizenship could be revoked for dual nationals convicted of terror attacks.