ZAKA New Chesed Service

When you mourn, they mourn too: Help ZAKA make THE CHESED CAR a reality.



We all know the frenzied arduousness of preparing for a wedding. For months, the family plans each and every meticulous detail. However, for the onerous time of mourning a loved one, there is no opportunity to prepare.

When a family member is taken from this world, the shock and sorrow surrounding the family is unfathomable. However, the reality is that between tears they must provide for the burial of the deceased, and ready the home for shiva (the seven-day mourning period).

ZAKA Understands Bereavement
ZAKA regularly deals with routine and emergency situations, and closely accompanies grieving families. They understand and are familiar with the pain and sorrow of the loss of a loved one. Now, the heroes at ZAKA have a new mission: To care for the living who are left behind.

The Kindness Car
ZAKA hopes to provide a new and incredible service: A 'Chesed (kindness) car' for aveilim (mourners). The ZAKA Chesed Car would provide full equipment for the days of shiva. Once the help center receives a referral, a vehicle filled with all items required would be dispatched to the deceased's household in order to ease the grieving family's hardship in every way possible.

In order to continue this work, ZAKA must immediately purchase a new vehicle that can accommodate all the items that the mourners and family members need, including new equipment such as chairs for the mourners, benches for mourners, Torah scrolls, water tanks, and dozens of more fine points. The equipment will even include a Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) contributed to by the gedolim (Torah sages) themselves.

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Those who open their heart to give will be true partners in 'chesed shel emes' - authentic kindness that expects no reciprocation. Thank you.