Has Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra's grave been discovered?

A grave with the name of one of the most famous Biblical commentators was discovered in ancient Tzfat cemetery

Yoel Domb ,

Tomb of Ibn Ezra?
Tomb of Ibn Ezra?
Cemetery Hekdesh, with permission of Channel 20

Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra lived about 900 years ago during the Golden Age of Spain. He is known as one of the greatest Bible commentators and as a philosopher and poet of sharp wit. He lived most of his life in Spain, but at the end of his life it is known that like many wise men of his time, he immigrated to the land of Israel. However his grave has never been located.

Channel 20 reports that the mystery may have been solved as in the ancient cemetery of Tzfat an impressive gravesite has been discovered. The tombstone at the site of the grave says that it is the grave of "the elderly sage, the doctor Avraham Ben Ezra."

The cemetery authorities involved in the restoration of the old cemetery stated that "this is a very old section which we are renovating, near the cave of Hannah and her seven sons, the grave of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Hananya and the grave of Rabbeinu Bahya ben Yosef Ibn Pakuda, author of the ethical treatise "Guide to the Duties of the Heart." Ibn Pakuda was a contemporary of Ibn Ezra and also spent most of his life in Spain.

A knowledgable source confirmed that "this is a very impressive gravesite with a large stone on it. This is how they buried important people. The writing on the grave is absolutely clear. It is known that Rabbi Ibn Ezra came at the end of his life to the land of Israel, as did many in the Golden Age of Spain such as Yehuda Halevi, Maimonides and Nahmanides."The source added that there is another cave adjacent which may contain additional important figures. "We're only at the beginning of the discoveries."

Some historians maintain that Ibn Ezra, who travelled extensively throughout his life, returned to Spain before he died and died in Calahora, between Navarra and Castilia.