Crippled rabbi's cry for help and support

Rabbi Avinoam pleads for help: 'I can only dream of someone helping us to live with dignity again.'

Kupat Ha'Ir , | updated: 8:22 PM

Kupat Ha'Ir

A visitor to the home of Avinoam Malkin would never dream of the potential its inhabitants once had, and lost. Years ago, he had been a father of 4, and community leader in Gush Katif. Now, the crowded and dirty counters, chipped paint and empty fridge, tell another story. Rabbi Malkin was disfigured in a violent accident, which rendered him unable to walk until today. In the years following his condition, both financial and physical, continued to spiral out of control. Now, facing an important surgery which could save his leg, Rabbi Malkin has chosen to go public with his story via a Chesed Fund fundraising campaign.

Dear reader,

My story is a simple one. I was in a horrible accident. I lost the ability to walk, and have suffered greatly ever since. I suffer both from physical pain and from the emotional pain of watching my home and family sink into the depths of poverty. The accident has truly torn my family apart.

I am begging you. I urgently need operations which can help to lessen my pain. If I don't have the surgery, my leg will need to be amputated. Our home is in terrible condition, desperately in need of repairs.

I can only dream of someone helping us to live with dignity again. For my sake, and for the sake of my children and grandchildren, please help me.

If you can find it in your heart to give, you should be blessed. Thank you so, so much for your time and I pray that you will see my suffering and open your heart.


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Indeed this tragic tale of a community leader turned beggar is a reminder to us all that life can change in an instant. Chesed Fund representatives, together with the Malkin family, hope that readers will be moved by Rabbi Malkin’s humility & desperation. The need for donations is urgent, as his condition worsens each day.