Muslim Brotherhood: We're not terrorists

Muslim Brotherhood activists work to block Trump's efforts to list group as terror organization.

Shimon Cohen ,

Muslim Brotherhood protest
Muslim Brotherhood protest
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Responding to US President Donald Trump's announcement that he would work to advance legislation naming the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror organization, Muslim Brotherhood activists began to lobby to stop the process.

At the same time, the Egyptian government has expressed support for Trump's intention and supports including the Muslim Brotherhood in the list of terror organizations.

During his visit to New York, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi spoke about his intention to advance a law on the topic and requested Trump define the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror organization.

According to MEMRI, after hearing about the proposed law, members of the Muslim Brotherhood began to campaign in order to prevent the law from passing.

Included in their media campaign are detailed explanations, the hiring of a lobbying company and American lawyers, building relationships with the US media tycoons, and the distribution of material intended to present the Muslim Brotherhood as an ideological Islamist organization which works peacefully to achieve its goals.

However, MEMRI warned, the Egyptian government will work hard to persuade the US government that the Muslim Brotherhood is indeed a terrorist organization, operating as an umbrella organization for several other terrorist groups.

To accomplish their goal, the Egyptian government has enlisted the services of a US lobbying company.

In January, representatives of the Egyptian government met with US Congress members in an attempt to persuade them that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and should be listed as such.

Though Western media - especially the New York Times - has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to disseminate its ideas, Egyptian media has criticized its government for not doing enough to fight the Muslim Brotherhood's media propaganda.