Maaleh Adumim: Christianity in an Orthodox kindergarten?

Mother discovers non-Jewish child enrolled in her daughter's Orthodox kindergarten is spreading Christian beliefs.

Eliran Aharon ,

Efrat Levy
Efrat Levy
Arutz Sheva

A mother in Maaleh Adumim claims that non-Jewish religious beliefs are being spread in a religious kindergarten in her home city – and that administrators are doing nothing to stop it.

Efrat Levy spoke with Arutz Sheva about the kindergarten, and the effect it had on her daughter.

Levy’s suspicions were initially raised after her young daughter began repeating slogans which did not fit the religious environment in which she was being raised.

Some of the comments had explicitly Christian content: “Jesus is God”, “Jesus is the Messiah”, and so forth.

Levy looked for the possible sources of this non-Jewish influence on her daughter, and ultimately discovered that a Christian girl is enrolled in the ostensibly religious Jewish kindergarten her daughter was attending, and had been spreading non-Jewish beliefs she herself had learned at home.

“I didn’t send my daughter to a religious kindergarten so that she would come home saying things about Jesus,” said Levy.

But administrators and city officials, Levy said, refused to intervene, saying they were unable to check the religious background of students and were obliged to allow any student to fill a vacancy, regardless of his or her background.

When she alerted other parents of children in the kindergarten of her discovery via the school’s Whatsapp group, Levy was promptly removed from the group.

Left with no other choice, Levy removed her daughter from the school. Presently, Levy’s daughter remains at home with her, as she struggles to find another school with a vacancy that is willing to accept her in the middle of the year.

Levy claims other parents expressed concerns over the Christian religious ideas being fed to their children by the non-Jewish student, but that fear of reprisals from the educational system have kept a lid on complaints going public.

The city of Maaleh Adumim declined to comment on the story.