Did UJA ban Jewish feminist who criticized anti-Israeli left?

Frontpage.mag columnist Daniel Greenfield reads Phyllis Chesler article on Arutz Sheva and asks UJA a question they prefer not to answer.

Daniel Greenfield ,

Phyllis Chesler
Phyllis Chesler
Phyllis Chesler

Recently anti-Semitic Islamist Linda Sarsour declared that no one could be a Zionist and a Feminist, which effectively meant that no one could be Jewish and a feminist. Now the UJA stands accused of bowing to pressure by canceling an event featuring renowned feminist author and activist Phyllis Chesler, who regularly appears here (Frontpage.mag, ed.), on Arutz Sheva and other sites.

Here is how Phyllis describes what happened to her.

On March 8th, an interview with me about the Woman’s Marches, faux-feminism, and Linda Sarsour appeared in the Algemeiner and on March 9th, another interview with me on the same subject appeared at Breitbart, Jerusalem. On March 13th, I published a piece at Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) in which I criticized the articles written by Letty Cottin Pogrebin (3/8, in Haaretz) and Peter Beinart (3/9 at the Forward).

Did my appearance in Breitbart outrage some donors? Or, is it what I wrote in Israel National News where I critiqued the views of Pogrebin and Beinart, two darlings of the left-wing Democratic Party, stalwarts of J Street and the New Israel Fund, etc., that was a final straw?

I may never really know.

That is the most troubling part of the left's silent boycotts. There is no way to know when you have been boycotted.

But at a time when Jews are under attack by the bigoted machine of intersectionality, voices like hers are needed more than ever in this fight. And yet the establishment organizations are far more worried about pandering to the left-wing allies of anti-Semites like Sarsour than about Jewish civil rights.