3 soldiers arrested - following terrorist complaint

3 soldiers from the Nahal brigade are being held on suspicions that they exerted force against a terrorist while arresting him in Hevron.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF soldiers in Hevron (file)
IDF soldiers in Hevron (file)
Garrett Mills/Flash 90

At least ten soldiers were investigated in the past two days, three of whom were arrested and had their arrests extended, the Honenu legal organization reported.

Those arrested, soldiers from the Nahal infantry brigade, are suspected of having used force against a terrorist during the terrorist’s arrest about half a year ago in Hevron.

The incident in question took place after the arrest of the terrorist, who had been eluding IDF forces for 5 months. The terrorist succeeded in slipping out of his handcuffs and proceeded to attack the soldiers.

During the attack, the terrorist hit the unit commander with a blow to the face and wounded him, a circumstance which compelled the soldiers to exert force in order to subdue the terrorist.

On Thursday, a hearing took place concerning the status of the three soldiers, and the military court ruled to extend the arrests of the soldiers until Monday.

Attorney Adi Keidar from the Honenu legal organization is providing legal assistance to some of the soldiers.

Chairman of Honenu Shmuel Meidad said in response to the arrests of the soldiers and the investigations against them: “again, we are witness to the arrest of the best of our sons who went to defend us, and now find themselves behind bars and under investigation. Who will put an end to these disgraces? This is the thanks they get for their sacrifice? We will not tolerate this injustice and lack of appreciation and, for our part, we will not withhold any means and resource so that this trend disappears from the IDF and our lives.”