Mommy Had Strange Pains. Two Weeks Later, She Was Gone.

After mother of three children suddenly passed away, her orphans were found struggling on their own, alone at home.

Kupat Ha'Ir , | updated: 7:53 PM

Three orphans found living alone in Bnei Brak
Three orphans found living alone in Bnei Brak
Kupat Ha'Ir

This week, the three 'G. family' orphans of Bnei Brak made their story public through a Kupat Ha'Ir crowdfunding campaign. Their mother had reportedly been checked into the hospital after suffering for a month from mysterious pains. It was found upon inspection that the pain was caused by a tumor. Two weeks later, she passed away. Her three children are now living in a state of serious poverty, with 17-year-old Talia G. now responsible for the home. On the campaign page for their family fund, Talia wrote the following:

"Hello, My name is Talia. Im 17 years old.

For about a month, my mother was in horrible pain, and really suffering. We were scared, and didn't know what was going on. She went for a check up and they found a tumor. We never thought that she'd go to the hospital and never come home. It only took 2 weeks before she was gone.

Now we're left alone in the house. I'm taking care of my siblings, but I'm still in school, and don't know how to run a home alone.

Please, we are living a nightmare. If there is anything you can give to help us, you'll be saving our lives. Thank you."

Tzedaka organization Kupat Ha'Ir has launched an urgent campaign, in order to raise funds necessary to keep the 'G. orphans' safe & fed.

Donations can be made HERE.