Israeli tourist found dead in Nepal

20 year old Israeli tourist found dead in his hotel room in Nepal's second largest city.

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Body prepared for burial
Body prepared for burial

An Israeli tourist was found dead in his hotel bed in Nepal Sunday, the Himalayan Times reported.

Nepal police identified the deceased as 20-year-old Elad Cooper, who had been staying at the Hotel Dream Inn in the city of Pokhara for the past 113 days.

Hotel management said that Cooper appeared to be significantly older than the 20 years his passport placed him at, and that he was reserved and did not interact with other much.

Police were called to the room after hotel staffers did not see Cooper leave his room for several days. They broke down the door and discovered Cooper's lifeless body lying on his bed.

The cause of death is unknown as of press time. However, medicine and several bottles of liquor were found scattered across the room.

Police have cordoned off the hotel room and announced that they would inform the Israeli embassay in Nepal of the death of the Israeli citizen,