Man under house arrest caught driving

Police find man under house arrest, with revoked license, driving in Jerusalem-area town.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Handing over the keys
Handing over the keys

A man in his 40s was arrested over the weekend after police noticed his vehicle moving in a suspicious fashion.

The man is a resident of the south, but was arrested while driving in a town near Jerusalem.

An initial investigation showed the man's license had been revoked in 2013, for a period of ten years. It also showed the man was under house arrest, which the court had placed him under after he drove dangerously last year.

The suspect was arrested and brought for an interrogation, during which he denied all accusations against him.

His vehicle has been confiscated for thirty days. An Israeli court has ordered his arrest extended for four days, until an indictment can be filed against him.

"Israel Police will continue enforcing punishments against those who break the law or whose behavior endangers other drivers and road users," an Israel Police spokesperson said. "We will work to remove dangerous drivers from Israel's roads, and we will work to change the driving culture here in Israel."