Rain, hail expected in Israel over the weekend

Possible flooding in southern Israel as temperatures drop, rains return following heat wave.

David Rosenberg ,

Stormy rain on Jerusalem's Yafo Street
Stormy rain on Jerusalem's Yafo Street
Miriam Alster/Flash 90

After a week of unseasonably warm weather, forecasters say Israel is in for a cold and rainy weekend.

Temperatures dropped late Thursday night, following a nearly week-long heatwave. Expected to accompany the cool weather is precipitation across the country, including rain and hail beginning Friday evening.

The rainy weather is likely to continue through the Purim holiday this coming Sunday and Monday, along with strong winds.

In Jerusalem, temperatures are expected to drop to 59 degrees high, 47 degrees low (15/8) on Saturday with periodic showers. The temperature will rise in the capital to 65 high, 47 low (18/8) on Sunday before dropping to 54 degrees high, 47 low (12/8) on Monday for Shushan Purim.

Tel Aviv will remain slightly warmer, with a projected high of 68 degrees and low of 57 (20/14) on Saturday, 75 high and low of 51 degrees (24/11) on Sunday, and 64 degrees high and 53 low (18/12) on Monday. Rain will be light in Tel Aviv through the weekend, followed by a downpour expected on Monday.

In the north, chilly weather is expected, with overnight temperatures approaching freezing. Light showers are expected in Tzfat Saturday and Sunday, with heavy rain on Monday. The forecast shows a high of 49 degrees on Saturday with a low of 41 (9/5), a high of 55 (13) on Sunday and a low of 40 (4), while temperatures decline to 48 high and 39 low (9/4) on Monday.

Forecasters say the rain could lead to flooding in parts of southern Israel.