Policemen save elderly woman on Ayalon Highway

Police find elderly woman walking on highway, take her to safety.

Shlomo Pyutrikovsky ,

Ayalon Highway
Ayalon Highway
Flash 90

Israeli policemen arrived on the Ayalon Highway on Tuesday after receiving a report of an elderly woman who had apparently gotten lost and was walking on the highway near the La Guardia Interchange.

According to the report, vehicles on the road were endangering themselves and other drivers by swerving in order not to hit the woman.

Upon their arrival at the scene Israel Traffic Police saw a very elderly woman walking in one of the highway's express lanes just before La Guardia Interchange.

The policemen blocked the road with their car and helped the woman into it. When questioned, the woman said she as confused and did not know what she was doing on the expressway.

The policemen took the woman to Azrieli Mall at Hashalom Interchange, and she offered them a heartfelt thank you for the help they had given her.