Netanyahu is the same as Tzipi Livni

Michael Ben-Ari, head of right-wing Jewish Strength party claims Netanyahu preparing for more evictions.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Dr. Michael Ben-Ari
Dr. Michael Ben-Ari
Eliran Aharon

Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, the leader of the Otzma Yehudit political party, visited the tent where Amona residents are hunger striking opposite the prime minister's house and attacked Netanyahu's policies.

"I didn't for a minute rely on Binyamin Netanyahu's promises. He froze the entire settlement enterprise for nearly nine years, and this was not done because of Obama or Trump. It was only because of Netanyahu, " said Ben Ari in an Arutz Sheva interview.

He claimed that "Binyamin Netanyahu is Tzipi Livni [former foreign minister and Likud member who joined the left-wing Kadima party and then joined the Zionist Union]. The only difference is that people know that she is Tzipi Livni while people still think that Netanyahu is a right-winger. Netanyahu just wants to make a peace agreement."

"He sees the evacuation of the nine houses in Ofra as a promo for future demolitions. I prefer that Omer Bar-Lev (Zionist Union) the left-winger will be prime minister and we will fight him. Netanyahu is lying like he is used to lying. He will bring destruction just like Begin before him brought destruction upon us [in the peace agreement with Egypt]," warned Ben-Ari.