Woman impersonates pollster and robs respondents

Lod resident impersonates city employee sent to interview city residents on health and finances, only to rob them.

Tags: Fraud Theft
Ido Ben-Porat ,

Flash 90

An indictment was issued against a 27-year-old female Lod resident, who posed as a pollster who arrived to interview Lod residents about their health and finances.

According to the indictment, after the victims brought the defendant into their homes, she exploited their trust, held fictitious interviews with them and then stole their money.

The indictment states that in early February the accused went to the home of a 52-year-old woman in Lod presenting herself as a pollster. While the accused and the woman sat on the couch, the defendant asked the woman for a pen, and while the woman searched the house for a pen, the accused stole the woman's purse and left the house after asking a question about her health.

The stolen bag contained, among other things, NIS 470 in cash and a check for NIS 7,000.

A few days later the defendant arrived at the home of 84-year-old woman in Lod, and presented itself as a social worker. The defendant sat in the living room while the woman's nurse stayed in the kitchen. During the time the defendant remained alone with the woman, she took advantage of her trust and medical condition and when the woman's mind wandered, stole her wallet containing NIS 1,150 and a credit card.

Two days later, the defendant came to the home of an 87-year-old male resident of Lod, introducing herself as a National Insurance employee. The defendant told the older man she arrived to help him file complaints he had against National Insurance, and she recorded his words. She examined the defendant's medical records and then when he was paying attention to what she was doing, stole his wallet containing a credit card and 10 dollars.

In addition, the defendant worked as a disabled woman's personal assistant and in this case took advantage of the woman's trust and on four different occasions stole NIS 1,300 from the woman's purse.

An indictment against the defendant was submitted in the Ramle Magistrate's Court, charging her with theft, impersonating a public servant, and entering private premises to commit an offense. The indictment included a request for remand until the conclusion of the case.