Quarter-million shekels earmarked for Samaria youth advancement

Agreement between Regional Council and Social Equality Ministry to establish youth development forum and various regional cultural events.

Mordechai Sones ,

Signing of agreement to advance Shomron youth
Signing of agreement to advance Shomron youth
Ro'i Hadi

The Samaria Regional Council on Thursday signed an agreement with the Social Equality Ministry, headed by Minister Gila Gamliel, to promote projects on behalf of young people from Judea and Samaria with the ministry investing a quarter-million shekels in the venture.

The agreement's signing will enable the formation of cultural events in different localities targeted at the 18-35 year old population, the establishment of a youth forum in each community which will receive professional guidance for advancement of young people, excursions, workshops, tours, and joint appearances for Samaria's youth. The goal is to help prevent this population segment from leaving Samaria and moving to other cities upon reaching the age of 18.

The basis of today's agreement began to form about a year ago, when the Social Equality Minister who arrived to tour Judea and Samaria met with Samaria's mayor and was exposed to the needs of local young adults.

Minister Gamliel said that "the establishment of a youth center in Samaria's Regional Council is a necessary step and I am glad that the Social Equality Ministry and I have a part in it. We will continue to cooperate in other projects in the future."

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council explains, "The young population is a population that does not adhere to the formula of children and teens on one hand - and sometimes not the rubric of their families. This creates a situation where this population is often left unattended to and they are forced to look for entertainment and interesting activity in the cities.

"To that end, a department was established in the Council whose sole purpose is engaging young people aged 18 to 35 and creating a living environment adapted and diversified to this age group. With this we hope to strengthen even more Samaria's population and to provide attention to this vitally important segment of the population," said Dagan.