Paratroopers fight terror

Binyamin Brigade works to provide Jewish citizens with normal lives, security

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Confiscated ammunition
Confiscated ammunition
Israel Police/ IDF spokesperson

Recently the "Binyamin" Brigade has carried out several operations to eliminate Arab terror, including arresting terrorists and confiscating weapons.

On Tuesday, during an operation carried out by Paratroopers Battalion 202, two explosive devices were found near the Arab town of Kfar Naama. And at the beginning of the week, the battalion foiled a terror attack near Beitin by locating locating the terrorist, who had a knife and a magazine in his car. The terrorist was arrested and brought for an investigation.

On Monday night, Reserve Battalion 9255 and the Israel Police arrested in Kfar a-Ram an Arab suspected of owning explosive devices, weapons parts, and other military supplies.

Paratroopers Battalion 202 has been active in the Binyamin region for several months.

"Finding weapons and foiling terror attacks are one more step in our troop's fight against terror in the region," Deputy Commander Major Amitai Stavisky said. "Every night, our soldiers engage in operations in local Arab villages, arresting potential terrorists and conducting weapons searches. We uncover terrorist cells and shooting cells. In addition, we work to secure Jewish towns and their roads. We will continue to work to provide the Jewish citizens of the area with security and calm, so they can lead normal lives."