Verdict for Israeli facing death sentence postponed

Family of imprisoned Israeli imprisoned in Islamic country conducting meetings with authorities to arrange compromise.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Money (illustration)
Money (illustration)
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The family of imprisoned Israeli Ben Hassin who is being held in an Islamic country will conduct another meeting with authorities in an attempt to reach a compromise which will allow for a significant reduction in his sentence, according to a Channel 20 report Tuesday.

According to the report, a court in the country which has no diplomatic ties with Israel postponed sentencing once again Monday in an attempt to allow the continuation of contacts between the family of the condemned and Jewish representatives in that country to arrange the transfer of the ransom money raised by the ZAKA organization.

Ben Hassin faces the death penalty if the sentence is not reduced.

The money has not been returned to the donors yet and ZAKA is still attempting to end the matter favorably. ZAKA originally demanded guarantees for the transfer of the 120,000 dollars raised and said it would return the money to donors if the guarantees were not provided.

Hassin has been in custody for a year and a half on charges of murdering a local taxi driver.

He claims that he shot the driver in self-defense after he tried to transfer Hassin to ISIS after hearing him speaking Hebrew.

The family of the victim agreed to relinquish all of its claims against Hassin in return for a large sum of money. ZAKA made an investigation of their own over the circumstances of the arrest which raised doubts over it. They demanded answers from the Hassin family as well as guarantees of the money's return, which have not yet been provided by the family.