Ofra reservists protest demolitions in IDF uniforms

Ofra reservists call on people to come in IDF uniform and protest demolitions in Ofra. "We are not second-class citizens or lawbreakers.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Reservists protest in Ofra
Reservists protest in Ofra
Ofra Youth

Reservists from Ofra, both those who have served in the IDF and those presently serving there, are calling on civilians to come to the community in IDF uniforms and to protest the planned demolitions.

"We will proclaim our protest to the government which with one hand sends us to protect our country and with the other hand destroys our houses simply for the sake of demolishing them," said residents to Channel 10.

In the meantime, tens of youths and residents are preparing this morning for the evacuations. A number of them climbed on one of the roofs of the buildings and others are gathering in the other houses. The Israeli flag is flying at halfmast in Ofra.

On Monday the Supreme Court acceded to the state's request that the nine houses be demolished and not sealed as requested by the families.

The judges stated that the matter of the Regulation Law is irrelevant to these houses as the ruling on them was given prior to the legislation of the law.