Pending murder indictment: Prosecutor statement against Sela

Haifa court declaration filed against Nadav Sela accused of murdering wife, children, and neighbor's child. Indictment to be filed Thursday.

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Nadav Sela
Nadav Sela
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Nazareth Magistrate's Court extended today (Sunday) by five days the remand of Nadav Sela, suspected of killing his wife, children, and his neighbor's child.

During the hearing, the police filed the prosecutor's declaration against Sela and this Thursday he will be indicted.

Sela is suspected of murdering his wife, Dor Karasenti, their children, year-and-8-month-old Yosef, 10-month-old Binyamin, and the murder of 11.5 year-old Nachman Atiya, the neighbor's son who was home at the time. Nachman's brother, 10-year-old Natan, survived after pretending to be dead.

At the last remand hearing, Sela said that "G-d is the King of Glory, and I am a cat. I have committed adultery, and I smoke hashish every day. Regards to my parents." Today the District Psychiatrist submitted his opinion to the court determining Sela fit to stand trial.