First ever primaries with overseas voters

New political party founded by Moshe Feiglin to allow Jews who are not Israeli citizens to vote for Knesset list in party primaries.

Benny Toker , | updated: 9:51 PM

Zehut party activists
Zehut party activists
Zehut Spokesperson

The Zehut party, headed by Moshe Feiglin, will hold its first conference this coming Tuesday at Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv Port.

Shmuel Sackett, the chairman of Zehut International, told Arutz Sheva that the event shows that "we're on the map. This is a serious new party which is entering Israeli politics and [it plans to remain a political force] for many years. We are talking here about a party which is going to be involved in leading the state."

He compared the conference to the Republican National Convention. "It is something which has not been seen here in [Israel]."

According to Sackett, the Zehut party will allow Jews from outside of Israel to participate in the party's primaries. "The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, even if they live in Chicago or Australia...We will give them a choice in the primaries. Jews from abroad will be able to vote for the representative at the end of each ten slots and their representative in the Knesset will discuss the absorption of Jewish immigrants and the bringing of world Jewry to Israel."

He said that "there is a place for [all] Jews, religious or otherwise," in the Zehut party. "Our motto is a strong nation, with proud roots in Judaism, and we oppose religious coercion and secular coercion. We are for identity, freedom, and meaning."

"We must point out that we are not just talking about another eighty houses in Beit El or Elon Moreh. That is also important, no doubt. But we are talking about the country's leadership, the Jewish education for every Jewish child in Israel. Everyone has a place in Zehut," he said.

Sackett added optimistically: ''Moshe Feiglin has kept a smile on his face. I believe we will be the largest party. Even if it takes a little time, we are willing to do whatever it takes to build the right infrastructure to lead the country."