'Amona residents forsaken'

Former Amona resident Tamar Nizri afraid of future facing residents, 'We expect PM to fulfill promise, but confidence shaken.'

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Amona resident's protest tent in Rose Garden
Amona resident's protest tent in Rose Garden
Amona struggle HQ

Tamar Nizri, who was evicted three weeks ago from her home in Amona, refuses to be impressed by denials issued by the Prime Minister's Office of reports that Netanyahu does not intend to fulfill his commitment to establish a new village for the residents of Amona.

"Unfortunately, from the experience we have accumulated, the promises have been violated time and again. The Prime Minister promised verbally and in writing and did not keep his word. There was the agreement that spoke about the construction that was to start in another location, he committed himself even though he was aware of the opposing petitions, and indeed it did not happen," notes Nizri.

"Therefore we are on the one hand happy to hear the Prime Minister's assurances but it is not enough. Until we see progress on the ground and until we are at our new home's dedication, affixing a mezuza, we will not believe," she adds.

Nizri told Arutz Sheva that she hopes there will be leaders who will keep their word: "We expect the Prime Minister to be trustworthy, to stand behind his promises, and not to succumb to fear in the face of the Trump administration. We are not politicians and I have no desire to engage in assessments, we are only interested progress on the ground. We are waiting to see the start of construction in the Shiloh hills."

She said that as the days pass they are beginning to feel forsaken. "We live in the Ofra girl's high school and this is not a normal reality. It is impossible to conduct family life, everyone is in the same room, and unfortunately we must in parallel fight for our future while trying to maintain our sanity. We need to stand in front of the Prime Minister's office and demonstrate but also try to keep a routine. We understand that there's no choice and if we do not take our lives into our hands nobody will do it.

"We also have a struggle with Defense Minister Liberman who wants to uproot our trees in Amona and we find it shocking. To uproot all the trees; fruit trees, vines, olives, and cherries. This was not in the court's judgment," says Nizri.

Nizri hopes construction in the hills of Shiloh will begin soon, "The Prime Minister pledged to begin work by March 31st. We hope this will happen because the reality here for long-term is intolerable. There is a huge gap between how we lived in Amona and staying in a school long-term. You don't have your space, we are all in the same room, and meet our neighbors three times a day in the cafeteria. This is a new, convoluted reality where in fact you do not have a home. I would expect from a country that cares for its people not to expel people before building an alternative settlement."