ISIS terrorist discovered plotting chemical attacks in Israel

Israeli-Arab member of ISIS terror group planned attacks on Israeli citizens, arrested by Shin Bet.

Uzi Baruch,


In a joint operation, Israel Police, the Shin Bet internal security agency, and the Israel Border Police's Special Police Unit arrested 35-year-old Anas Haj Yahiya.

Yahiya is a resident of the central Arab city of Tayibe and is suspected of involvement in ISIS activities. Israeli intelligence noted his activities promoting terror against the State of Israel, and a Shin Bet investigation revealed his ties to ISIS terrorists. Yahiya provided the ISIS with extremist materials, as well as information on how to make explosives.

After swearing allegiance to the ISIS "khalif" (spiritual leader), Yahiya debated traveling to Syria to join the fighting. He intended to create an ISIS terror cell to carry out attacks within Israel, and attempted to persuade other Arabs to join his new cell.

Yahiya was planning on carrying out a terror attack on a Tel Aviv bus, as well as carrying out an attack against IDF soldiers. However, he did not manage to organize the attacks.

Investigators discovered that Yahiya was an active member of ISIS Facebook groups, and "shared" information on how to create suicide belts, bombs, and integrating poisonous materials into the explosives. He also disseminated materials on how to produce chemicals such as sarin gas.

Found in Yahiya's possession were pictures of military materials, bombs, and the ISIS' "The Jihadist Militant's Complete Guide."

An indictment against Yahiya has been filed with the Central District Court.

"The Shabak sees ISIS supporters as a serious threat to Israel's security, and has therefore taken every step possible to foil plans and threats as quickly as possible. We will take every legal step possible to stop those who are involved in these activities," a Shabak spokesperson said.